Uploading, Posting, Sharing…finding Facebook friends–laser engraving with CorelDraw–planning a Kickstarter–pinning on Pinterest—–posting on Flickr—listening to Spotify…

…and starting a blog on WordPress.

I am pretty sure the past hour of my life put me squarely in the present…All hipsters unite…I am now with you.

Born in 1982, I have always felt that one foot has been in the pre-internet world and one in the post-internet world.  Folks my age were born into their parent’s world…one with newspapers, day jobs, and giant box TVs.  Folks born into the world in the late 80’s or after were born into a world that had changed…continues to change…and is now nearly unrecognizable to their parents.

If you were born between 1980-1985, you are different than others.  I’ve not yet been able to define what makes knowledge of Speak & Spell and the Konami Code put us apart from others, but it does.

That being said, there are plenty of great tools now and in the past few moments, I have jumped feet first into this brave new, hip world…

Here is my path to joining the hipster ranks:

1. Decided to run a Kickstarter in order to share our laser engraver with other hipsters

2. Needed a Facebook account to spread the word.

3. Needed to post photos on Flickr in order to publish.

4. Invited to join Pinterest in order to market our Kickstarter’s photos.

5. Listening to Spotify (Violent Femmes 1983 album, to be exact).

6. Working on my first post on this WordPress blog…

So, here it goes and here I go with it.

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